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Here at K9 Studio, we use only the highest quality analog and digital equipment to achieve the most natural and clear sound from the recording to the mixing stage.

The purpose built and acoustically designed control room offers the best possible space for recording and mixing as well as providing a confortable environment.

K9 Studio boasts a vast selection of the highest quality analoge Mic Pre Amps as well as a selection of other outboard equipment from the likes of Tube Tech, Focusrite, Universal Audio, DBX and many more.

An extensive range of  top of the line Microphones are also available to capture the exact tone, feel and sound you may be looking to achieve with microphones from Neumann, SE Gemini, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser and Rode.

An acoustically designed and treated live room is used for tracking the wide variety of available instruments from the likes of Gibson, Fender, G&L, Pearl, Zildjian, Marshall, Orange, Mesa Boogie and much more.

The live room features treated ceiling and walls as well as hardwood flooring to ensure the best possible sound form the beginning to the end of any project.

When you’re not tracking or listening in to a session, feel free to relax in the spacious lounge area and enjoy some fresh tea and coffee or fire up the 100″ projector and relax with a bit of Mariokart, watch a movie or enjoy some tunes.