What does K9 Studio sound like? Check out some examples below… For “Wide Eyes” we went for a high end Indie sound that would work well on radio but not sound too polished. It was released in January this year and managed to get playlisted on Sweden’s “Gimmie Indie” radio station for over two weeks and well as a lot of plays on Irish radio. Also check out “Tony Don’t You Worry” which is featured in the new Christian Slater movie (don’t know the name of the film yet) which was recorded here in K9. This track is a cover of Cathy’s Clown that was originally a hit for the Everly Brothers and is performed here by Squarehead. It was a live recording for Phantom FM’s K9 Sessions on the ICON show with Cathal Funge. It gives a good example of what can be achieved here when doing live recording. The band was really on the money mind you! Oh and check out their album “Yeah Nothing” which was also recorded here. Last Days Of 1984 are a band that are on a lot of journalists’ “ones to watch for 2013” and it’s easy to see why. This is a great example of some of the electronic music that is currently coming out of Ireland. We finished this album last January and it’s a belter and its available now!